Over 15,000 motorbikes were stolen in the US in the last year. It takes a matter of moments for a thief to steal a motorbike, especially they’re left either unsecured or with poor security.

Lock, chain, cover

Decrease your risk of becoming a target by taking steps to layer your security.

  • Lock

Utilize a disc lock to help protected the front brake disc, or a grip lock to protect the brake and throttle controls. You’d also utilize a D-lock on the front side-wheel to prevent in being wheeled away.

  • Chain

Thieves often steal a motorbike by breaking the steering lock and wheeling it away. Utilize a chain lock via the back wheel. Secure your motorbike, but with lock taut to an immovable object such as a piece of street furniture or ground anchor. This’ll stop thieves from removing a lock trailing on the ground utilizing an angle grinder. If this is not possible, thread the chain via your motorbike frame and backside wheel.

  • Cover

Thieves often stop for particular motorbike models. Using a cover rapidly makes it less attractive to them. A cover also gives one more time-consuming obstacle for the thief. Unfortunately, security measures cannot guarantee your motorbike would not steal but, by utilizing many security measures, you can make it difficult and less attractive for thieves.

Remove the keys

All thieves are often opportunist and so they’ll look for motorbikes that are fast and simple to steal first.

  • Forever use the steering lock and eliminate the ignition keys, even if you’re close by or away for a few moments. It only takes some time for a thief so do not make it simple for them
  • Never trust on just utilizing your steering lock to secure your motorbike can break the steering lock and simply wheel the motorbike away.

Fitting an alarm can be preventive to thieves

  • Consider using an expert like in Home Security and try installing a Thatcham rated one or two alarm system with tracking, immobilization, anti-grab and motion sensors can assist and trace your bike.
  • The best quality Thatcham, an expertly installed alarm system will not just put off thieves, but could also decrease your insurance premiums.

When at home the finest place to keep your motorbike is in your garage or shed

  • Fit a garage door defender or upgrade door locks
  • Garage and shed alarms, as well as few level dusks to down lighting, will also enhance security. Installing a ground anchor also gives additional security.
  • Motorbike lockers are also availed to store your motorbike at home.

No garage or shed? Park motorbike in the safest place you can

Always park the motorbike in an area near to your house where it is well overlooked with fine lighting. If your motorbike is stolen, never put your life at high risk. Call your local police station rapidly or report online and perhaps speak to an attorney.

Stolen motorbikes are increasingly being utilized to commit further crime, such as mobile phone snatches. By protecting your motorbike you’d help to eliminate these other crimes.