Riding a motorcycle is a task which requires attention and care, as one cannot predict as to what might happen on the road. This is one of the main reasons why only people with a valid driving license are allowed to ride a motorcycle. As matters relating to road safety might be confusing, we are here to help you out. So, here are some tips to be followed for new riders.

1. ABS

Investing in a bike which has Anti-Lock Braking System is one of the foremost steps you can take towards road safety. Such bikes tend to have better control, especially during emergencies.

2. Helmet

You might have already seen this coming, but it is essential that you wear one. The helmet is a crucial gear whenever and wherever you’re taking the bike. It provides the required safety for your head as it ensures maximum coverage.

3. Traffic Rules

The road is filled with a bunch of automobiles which have to make it to places on time. So, during such situations, cooperation is an important aspect. Hence follow traffic rules.

4. Skills

One cannot merely begin to ride a bike without grip and machine based learning. You require a quality time of practice to enhance your riding skills.

5. Sober

This goes without saying. One must always ensure that they ride their bikes while being in a proper state of mind. If you’re not sober, then please take the cab.

6. Bike Maintenance

This is another essential criteria in this regard. You need to ensure that your bike is in good condition before turning on that key. Hence air-checks, oil and a lot of other things need to be checked.

7. Watch the Road

There are numerous hazards on the road, and a person riding a bike needs to be extra cautious when compared to an individual driving a car. Hence always watch the way and avoid distractions such music, talking on the phone etc.

8. The Ideal Bike

Always make sure that you make the right choice in buying a bike which is suitable for you. This is important as the market is filled with various models which might not fit you. So choose comfort and handling over style and design.

9. The Required Gear

Apart from the helmet, there are other necessary gears one needs to have while riding a bike. The casual t-shirt and tight pants can be avoided to suit the better option of wearing clothing accessories like a jacket, gloves, and so on.

10. The Quick Check

Before you turn the engine on, you need to make sure that your bike is free from damages and other such problems. Clutch, horns, mirrors etc. need to be checked.