I Have A Complete Car License – Do I Still Have To Do A CBT?

This depends. Everybody have to complete a CBT if they want to ride a motorbike larger than a moped if you have a complete car license which was obtained before the 1st Feb 2001 then you automatically have a complete moped license. That means you can ride a moped without any prior training, not will you’ve to show L-plates plus you’re capable to take passengers. That said, it’d be a little silly hopping onto a moped without a few kinds of bike training beforehand – a CBT day is an ideal introduction.

If you took your vehicle test on or after the 1st Feb 2001 then you’ll have to complete a CBT. On completion, this qualifies you complete moped license and your provisional bike license. This means you can ride a moped for the duration of the license without re-taking your CBT every 2 years. It also means you do not have to show L-plates on your moped and you can take passengers.

This is not real of any motorbike bigger than a moped, though. As a provisional license holder, a CBT will allow you to ride a learner lawful bike up to 125 CC, but L-Plates have to be shown, and you cannot take passengers. Your CBT has to be renewed every 2 years.

Present Definition of a moped is a bike no bigger than 50 CC with maximum design pace not exceeding 28 miles each hour – this relates to category AM on driving license issued from 19/1/2013. The older than this, relating to category P on older license allows for a maximum design speed of 31 miles per hour.

How Long Is A Certificate Of CBT Valid?

2 years.

Once I Have Passed My CBT Can I Ride On The High Ways?

No. as per auto drivers you are not allowed on high ways until you have passed your complete test with the DVSA.

Can I Ride 125cc Motorbike On An Auto License?

No. A 125cc motorbike regardless of it being a biker or a geared motorbike is classified as a bike and is bound by learner bike laws. This means you need to complete a CBT to qualify your provisional bike license. Then you can ride up to 125cc learner lawful bike.

Can I Take A Side-Seat Passenger Once I Have Passed My CBT?

No. You have to take the complete test.

How Long Does A CBT Take?

Full day. Starting at 9 am you will be finished among 4 am and 6mp depending on the usual competency of the whole group.


Do I Need To Do A Trial Test Before Taking A CBT?

No. this is a training day, not a test. Once you have successfully completed whole the training you get your CBT papers. The trial test is only needed if you want to proceed on to a full license course.

What Do I Need To Take A CBT?

The only you need is a provisional driving license – we can provide the test.

Do You Give Helmets?

Yes, though, we recommend buying in your own as you will need 1 anyway and right fitting is important.

I Did My CBT And A Moped When I Was Just Sixteen. Now I Am Seventeen Do Have To Do One More CBT To Ride A 125 CC Bike?

No. You can ride a 125 cc motorbike as-soon-as you are of the minimum legal age without having to do a new CBT. CBT permit covers all learner categories of a motorbike for 2 years, subject to age needs. That said, if you are getting on to a geared motorbike for the first time we can offer a short training lesson on gear changing and clutch.

Can I Use My Own Bike?

Clearly, but your motorbike has to be road lawful. If it’s found not to be (loud race exhaust for instance) then your CBT will abort and you will not get a refund. We’ve to consider not just the neighbors’ bur our training license would be put in jeopardy by letting illegal bikes onto the site onto the motorways.

Can I Really Learn To Ride A Motorcycle In One Day?

Normally yes, though that said, we’d never allow somebody on the road that is not ready. If you do not quite get up to standard in the 1st day you will come back and do a bit more training. Your lesson cost entitles you to eight hours of instructions.

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