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How to best protect your motorbike from thieves?

Over 15,000 motorbikes were stolen in the US in the last year. It takes a matter of moments for a thief to steal a motorbike, especially they’re left either unsecured or with poor security.

Lock, chain, cover

Decrease your risk of becoming a target by taking steps to layer your security.

  • Lock

Utilize a disc lock to help protected the front brake disc, or a grip lock to protect the brake and throttle controls. You’d also utilize a D-lock on the front side-wheel to prevent in being wheeled away.

  • Chain

Thieves often steal a motorbike by breaking the steering lock and wheeling it away. Utilize a chain lock via the back wheel. Secure your motorbike, but with lock taut to an immovable object such as a piece of street furniture or ground anchor. This’ll stop thieves from removing a lock trailing on the ground utilizing an angle grinder. If this is not possible, thread the chain via your motorbike frame and backside wheel.

  • Cover

Thieves often stop for particular motorbike models. Using a cover rapidly makes it less attractive to them. A cover also gives one more time-consuming obstacle for the thief. Unfortunately, security measures cannot guarantee your motorbike would not steal but, by utilizing many security measures, you can make it difficult and less attractive for thieves.

Remove the keys

All thieves are often opportunist and so they’ll look for motorbikes that are fast and simple to steal first.

  • Forever use the steering lock and eliminate the ignition keys, even if you’re close by or away for a few moments. It only takes some time for a thief so do not make it simple for them
  • Never trust on just utilizing your steering lock to secure your motorbike can break the steering lock and simply wheel the motorbike away.

Fitting an alarm can be preventive to thieves

  • Consider using an expert like in Home Security and try installing a Thatcham rated one or two alarm system with tracking, immobilization, anti-grab and motion sensors can assist and trace your bike.
  • The best quality Thatcham, an expertly installed alarm system will not just put off thieves, but could also decrease your insurance premiums.

When at home the finest place to keep your motorbike is in your garage or shed

  • Fit a garage door defender or upgrade door locks
  • Garage and shed alarms, as well as few level dusks to down lighting, will also enhance security. Installing a ground anchor also gives additional security.
  • Motorbike lockers are also availed to store your motorbike at home.

No garage or shed? Park motorbike in the safest place you can

Always park the motorbike in an area near to your house where it is well overlooked with fine lighting. If your motorbike is stolen, never put your life at high risk. Call your local police station rapidly or report online and perhaps speak to an attorney.

Stolen motorbikes are increasingly being utilized to commit further crime, such as mobile phone snatches. By protecting your motorbike you’d help to eliminate these other crimes.

Motorcycle Training/Lessons In The UK – FAQS

 I Have A Complete Car License – Do I Still Have To Do A CBT?

This depends. Everybody have to complete a CBT if they want to ride a motorbike larger than a moped if you have a complete car license which was obtained before the 1st Feb 2001 then you automatically have a complete moped license. That means you can ride a moped without any prior training, not will you’ve to show L-plates plus you’re capable to take passengers. That said, it’d be a little silly hopping onto a moped without a few kinds of bike training beforehand – a CBT day is an ideal introduction.

If you took your vehicle test on or after the 1st Feb 2001 then you’ll have to complete a CBT. On completion, this qualifies you complete moped license and your provisional bike license. This means you can ride a moped for the duration of the license without re-taking your CBT every 2 years. It also means you do not have to show L-plates on your moped and you can take passengers.

This is not real of any motorbike bigger than a moped, though. As a provisional license holder, a CBT will allow you to ride a learner lawful bike up to 125 CC, but L-Plates have to be shown, and you cannot take passengers. Your CBT has to be renewed every 2 years.

Present Definition of a moped is a bike no bigger than 50 CC with maximum design pace not exceeding 28 miles each hour – this relates to category AM on driving license issued from 19/1/2013. The older than this, relating to category P on older license allows for a maximum design speed of 31 miles per hour.

How Long Is A Certificate Of CBT Valid?

2 years.

Once I Have Passed My CBT Can I Ride On The High Ways?

No. as per auto drivers you are not allowed on high ways until you have passed your complete test with the DVSA.

Can I Ride 125cc Motorbike On An Auto License?

No. A 125cc motorbike regardless of it being a biker or a geared motorbike is classified as a bike and is bound by learner bike laws. This means you need to complete a CBT to qualify your provisional bike license. Then you can ride up to 125cc learner lawful bike.

Can I Take A Side-Seat Passenger Once I Have Passed My CBT?

No. You have to take the complete test.

How Long Does A CBT Take?

Full day. Starting at 9 am you will be finished among 4 am and 6mp depending on the usual competency of the whole group.


Do I Need To Do A Trial Test Before Taking A CBT?

No. this is a training day, not a test. Once you have successfully completed whole the training you get your CBT papers. The trial test is only needed if you want to proceed on to a full license course.

What Do I Need To Take A CBT?

The only you need is a provisional driving license – we can provide the test.

Do You Give Helmets?

Yes, though, we recommend buying in your own as you will need 1 anyway and right fitting is important.

I Did My CBT And A Moped When I Was Just Sixteen. Now I Am Seventeen Do Have To Do One More CBT To Ride A 125 CC Bike?

No. You can ride a 125 cc motorbike as-soon-as you are of the minimum legal age without having to do a new CBT. CBT permit covers all learner categories of a motorbike for 2 years, subject to age needs. That said, if you are getting on to a geared motorbike for the first time we can offer a short training lesson on gear changing and clutch.

Can I Use My Own Bike?

Clearly, but your motorbike has to be road lawful. If it’s found not to be (loud race exhaust for instance) then your CBT will abort and you will not get a refund. We’ve to consider not just the neighbors’ bur our training license would be put in jeopardy by letting illegal bikes onto the site onto the motorways.

Can I Really Learn To Ride A Motorcycle In One Day?

Normally yes, though that said, we’d never allow somebody on the road that is not ready. If you do not quite get up to standard in the 1st day you will come back and do a bit more training. Your lesson cost entitles you to eight hours of instructions.

Do You Do Gift Vouchers?



London, the UK’s capital, has a population of over eight million people – making it not only the most populated city in the country but one of the busiest in Europe. It is a densely populated thriving city that has to handle a huge amount of daily traffic. Although many London residents, and those who live outside the capital but work in the city, use public transport instead of driving, there are still millions of cars on the roads of London. To avoid this heavy traffic people use motorcycles so they can reach their desired destinations with time to spare. But on the downside involvement of some of the unprofessional motorcycle riders is found in accidents. That is the reason why all motorcycle riders need to take motorcycle lessons in London so that every human being is safe on the roads of London.

Motorbike Lessons London

Reasons To Take Motorcycle Lessons

A Safer Commute

Whether one is planning on riding his motorcycle to work every day or just wants to take a leisurely ride on the weekends, taking motorcycle lessons will make his commute safer. Consider this, most of us would never purchase or drive a car without knowing how to use it first and motorcycles are no exception. By taking basic rider lessons, one equips himself with the simple tools to ride safer.

It May Be Required for a Motorcycle License

Depending on where one lives, the basic requirements for getting a motorcycle license can differ. In most cases, one can get a motorcycle license if he is at least 16 years old and passes the motorcycle road test along with the knowledge exam. It is suggested that one should check his state’s official government website to see if completing a motorcycle safety training course is enough to receive the motorcycle license.

Learning How to Ride Defensively

As a motorcyclist, the rider is one of the most vulnerable people on the road. Highways are typically dangerous for motorcycles due to high speeds, any road can be considered hazardous for a motorcycle. When one takes motorcycle lessons he would get to learn several important moves to assist him in riding defensively

A Trial Run

One of the many benefits to taking motorcycle lessons is that it offers one a trial run of what he may experience on the real road. Since motorcycle lessons take place in a protected and controlled environment, such as a large, empty parking lot, the rider is less likely to be severely injured if he happens to tip the motorcycle or loss control of his bike. If these things happen during the lessons, the rider will be instructed what to do and how to avoid such mishaps. Interstates, filled with other motorists, are not the best places to encounter some of these “firsts”.

Boosting Rider’s Confidence

Most of the safest motorcyclists on the road are confident. One of the main purposes of the motorcycle lessons, other than teaching riders how to ride, is to make sure that all motorcyclists are confident in their riding abilities. Being confident on the road helps one stay calmer in a stressful or potentially dangerous situation and keeps him safer overall. Though some riders nowadays just want to ride because it makes them look cool, confidence and safety are the new “cool”.

Things to Consider Before Hiring a Motorcycle Instructor

Make sure that the instructor holds a valid driver’s license with a motorcycle endorsement. Not only he must have a license to operate motorcycles on streets and roadways, but he should not have more than one or two moving violations in the past three years. Ensure that your instructor has obtained certification in CPR and first aid. To be certified as a motorcycle instructor, most states require the instructors to be certified in CPR and first aid. Finally, confirm that the instructor is an experienced rider that he has been on motorcycles for several years. The more time one spends driving motorcycles, the more experience he gets in navigating the roads and staying safe alongside bigger vehicles.

Learn Motorcycling in London

Motorcycle accidents are often catastrophic. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, there were 192 motorcyclist fatalities reported in London in 2018. Many of these accidents were not the fault of the motorcyclist involved but were instead the result of a negligent driver.

However, the more skills motorcyclists have in their toolbox, so to speak, the greater their chances are of being able to avoid or prevent an accident. Get motorcycle lessons in London, learn all there is about motorcycling so that you are safe from all the roadside accidents. Some of the best motorcycle instructors are present in London hire them and learn from the best in the business.


There is so much beauty in London that usually, people extend their visit longer than they initially had planned. London is the capital city of England. It’s one of the most sought after destinations for tourists and travelers all over the world. Throughout London, every street and every lane has been constructed thoughtfully to reflect on its years of tradition. There are so many lavish places of interests for people of all ages to visit in London. Some of the most popular places in London are Regent’s Park, Royal Opera House, and Houses of Parliament.

It is every motorcyclist’s dream to wander in the streets of London on his ride. But to make that dream a reality it is pertinent that the rider gets motorcycle lessons. As the rider needs to be aware that his actions are the only things that can keep him from being in a crash. Motorcycle lessons instill confidence in the rider, Additionally, he is taught how to drive defensively which keep him calm in the stressful situations.

The Benefits Motorcycle Training

The benefits of motorcycle training are as follows:

1) It reaffirms what rider might already know

If there’s one thing that riders can never agree on, it’s identifying the right way to do anything. A few odd discussions with mates about the correct time to brake and one finds himself second-guessing his technique. Training program reaffirms riders knowledge and gives him confidence in his abilities.

2) Helps one ride safer at higher speeds

When one is riding his bike, especially on highways, motorcycle training helps him spot potential accidents before they arise. Honing one’s skills at high speeds help him practice alertness to danger and co-ordination. If one has been off his bike for an extended stint, training helps bring it all back to him, quickly.

 3) Improves one’s riding posture

The rider just does not want to sit a certain way because of aerodynamic benefits. There are all sorts of things that need to be taken into account, like balance, strength, conservation and effective cornering techniques. One is not taught all these things when he gets his license. Motorcycle training helps one learn all of these things.

4) Gives rider the confidence to try new rides

There’s no feeling quite like tearing through the countryside on a bike. If one does not possess the self-confidence to take on certain rides, motorcycle training boosts one’s confidence.

Motorcycle training grip control means one won’t be daunted by any kind of weather. His steering geometry and cornering skills would give him better control over twisty mountainous roads. Furthermore, his increased concentration would give him the confidence to traverse roads filled with unexpected obstacles.


5) One would get to meet other riders

This is the most important. You’ll learn all these skills, tricks and safety maneuvers. But along with that one gets to meet other fellow riders and learn from their riding experiences.

Motorcycle Training institutes in the UK

The United Kingdom is one of the biggest countries in the world. It has very strict laws regarding motorcycle riding. It is of the utmost importance that one passes this motorcycle training program inorder to obtain the riding license. Getting motorcycle training in the UK is as easy as it gets. There are over 540 motorcycle training institutes present in every hook and corner of the country. All of these training institutes are state of the art and have the facilities to teach one everything he needs to know regarding how to ride a motorcycle.


The freedom one gains from riding a motorcycle helps him appreciate the things present in his life because he gets to know that he is free to be a part of them not obligated. The people and things that one cares about are the things one chooses himself in his life. Environment-friendly, better fuel efficiency, easy maintenance, and no parking worries are some of the benefits of having a motorcycle. But riding a bike without motorcycle training is dangerous and unwise. Riders should get motorcycle training in the UK so they can enjoy riding their bikes throughout the country safely.


Humans always dreamed of developing some technology that would reduce their travel time. The car was the answer to the 19th-century dream of self-propelling the horse-drawn carriage to shorten the journey, Similarly, the formation of the motorcycle created the self-propelled bicycle. Technology is there to make our lives easier and reduce human effort. In this era when the world is crowded with cars, the motorcycle provides us an escape from all the traffic problems. A motorcycle uses considerably less fuel than a car, furthermore it decreases the journey duration as one does not get trapped in the heavy traffic of the cities. But every good thing has a problem attached to it, the issue attached to the motorcycle is that people start to drive it without proper training. They put their life as well as the lives of their fellow travelers at risk. It is pertinent that people get proper motorcycle training before driving motorcycles, so this great technology does not become a curse for humanity.

Importance of Motorcycle Training

How can we prevent the occurrence of accidents? Motorcycle training is the answer to this query. With more rigorous and advanced motorcycle training the future accidents can be averted. These various trainings are designed to make riders vigilant and develop their presence of mind while driving on the road. Added to it these trainings also promote safe and defensive riding habits, proactiveness, and visual alertness in the riders. A quality motorcycle training course gives the riders a better understanding of the road, traffic rules, and a healthy road disposition.

So rather than splurge on more expensive gear accessories, it is advised that one considers getting the latest motorcycle training. One must only invest heavily in the purchasing of a top-quality helmet that would efficiently protect the most critical part of his body. For the rest of the less important gear such as the jacket, pants, and gloves, among many others, one should just settle for the less expensive option. More importance needs to be given to the development of one’s skills in motorcycle operating proficiency through training that would ensure the rider’s continuous safety on the road.

Motorcycle Training UK

It is widely perceived that only a trained rider with license is able to operate his motorcycle safely. However, license obviously does not guarantee his safety. The motorcycle rider must not be satisfied with just passing the training required for the issuance of his license. He must acquire more exposure and experience to add to his present level of knowledge and skills until he gains full mastery over the motorcycle riding skills.

There are two areas of personal riding skills that one needs to develop. First, his own skills as a rider operating the motorcycle and second the understanding of the attitudes and behaviors of the other riders. Certainly, there are costs involved in these further training. But a motorcycle owner has every reason to acquire this mastery because it is his own life that is at stake.

Motorcycle Safety Tips for New Riders

Riding a motorcycle is a task which requires attention and care, as one cannot predict as to what might happen on the road. This is one of the main reasons why only people with a valid driving license are allowed to ride a motorcycle. As matters relating to road safety might be confusing, we are here to help you out. So, here are some tips to be followed for new riders.

1. ABS

Investing in a bike which has Anti-Lock Braking System is one of the foremost steps you can take towards road safety. Such bikes tend to have better control, especially during emergencies.

2. Helmet

You might have already seen this coming, but it is essential that you wear one. The helmet is a crucial gear whenever and wherever you’re taking the bike. It provides the required safety for your head as it ensures maximum coverage.

3. Traffic Rules

The road is filled with a bunch of automobiles which have to make it to places on time. So, during such situations, cooperation is an important aspect. Hence follow traffic rules.

4. Skills

One cannot merely begin to ride a bike without grip and machine based learning. You require a quality time of practice to enhance your riding skills.

5. Sober

This goes without saying. One must always ensure that they ride their bikes while being in a proper state of mind. If you’re not sober, then please take the cab.

6. Bike Maintenance

This is another essential criteria in this regard. You need to ensure that your bike is in good condition before turning on that key. Hence air-checks, oil and a lot of other things need to be checked.

7. Watch the Road

There are numerous hazards on the road, and a person riding a bike needs to be extra cautious when compared to an individual driving a car. Hence always watch the way and avoid distractions such music, talking on the phone etc.

8. The Ideal Bike

Always make sure that you make the right choice in buying a bike which is suitable for you. This is important as the market is filled with various models which might not fit you. So choose comfort and handling over style and design.

9. The Required Gear

Apart from the helmet, there are other necessary gears one needs to have while riding a bike. The casual t-shirt and tight pants can be avoided to suit the better option of wearing clothing accessories like a jacket, gloves, and so on.

10. The Quick Check

Before you turn the engine on, you need to make sure that your bike is free from damages and other such problems. Clutch, horns, mirrors etc. need to be checked.

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